Abdul Kalam

Motivational Speaker-Corporate Trainer-Business Consultant

I started my professional career from Qatar in 2007 and excelled in my
company to a top position by producing extraordinary results for my

My Business Success Journey

In 2011 I decided to start my own business with a mission to create
opportunities for people to work in my organization and achieve financial
freedom for me and my family. Initially, I started with one company and then
expanded it into a group of companies in a very short span of time. I
demonstrated Leadership qualities and progressed tremendously in my business
and opened 10 more companies and 45 branches under my Group. I had the honor to
lead a team of 100+ staff in my company. As a Consultant, I helped around 3000
people from various countries to flourish and achieve success in their career
& life. Around 200 people got guidance, coaching and consultancy from me to
start their own business and achieved extraordinary financial results. As a
Founder and CEO of my business; at a young age of 34, I generated a revenue of
13 million $ which makes me one of the top businessmen in my own country. At
age 29, I became a millionaire in my business which I started from Zero and it
is itself a moment of pride and joy for me because in my generation no one has
achieved this mega business success even in a long time. I am ready to transfer
all my business knowledge, experience and skills which I gained in 10 years and
absolutely committed to help you achieve massive business results in a much
faster and easier way.


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